Microsoft Windows 10: A Plea…

A note to Microsoft.. Rather, a plea..

I like Windows 8. I like its tablet-like interface. Even running on a laptop or desktop. I imagine running Windows 8 on a Surface is a blast. I am not alone; I can’t be. There are too many Ubuntu and Gnome 3 users out there also running Windows laptops and desktops. Windows 8 surely appeals to these users. Yes, I know; our numbers are low. Hear me out, though.

A zillion others and I like Windows 7. It’s Main Menu, task driven interface. Since Windows 95, it’s been hard to beat.

My plea for Windows 10.. Allow me to choose a session when I log in. Perhaps provide me with a choice of (2) sessions.

Let me choose a Tablet session for a Windows 8, tablet-like interface or a Desktop session for a Windows 7, task driven interface. Name these sessions what you will. You can do this, right? Windows 7 and Windows 8 must share a BUNCH of the same code and interfaces, right?

Maybe you could also allow the Desktop session to be themed. Provide Windows 7, Vista, Xp, and 98 / 95 themes. Additionally, open up the theme engine for us to build our own themes. You don’t have to give away any keys to the kingdom; just allow us to build our own themes. Apply the themes to IE, Microsoft Office, Media Player, Movie Maker, Visual Studio, etc.

And, yes, we still need multiple workspaces to organize ourselves and desktops and work.

Why should you? Show off your savviness. Elegant programs. Show us where you think computing is going and take us there.

Will you?

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